Everything you need to know about how to install hardwood floors

First thing to need to get out of the way is the decision to do your own floors or to hire an expert to handle your floor installation. The second option helps you put all doubts about how to install hardwood floors to rest as you sit back and watch the professionals sweat it out. But the first option is the one most would prefer so as to cut out the labour charges and to give themselves infinite bragging rights.

It is very rewarding to do your own floors and see the transformation as you bring some much needed elements of style, elegance and warmth to your home.  So let’s summarise and put to rest all things to do with how to install hardwood floors.  

Understanding your hardwood flooring

The degree of difficulty in installing hardwood floors can vary based on the floor space and the type of flooring. While the challenging and threatening flooring types are the plank and solid wood strips. They require finishing as well as sanding. Take note that using a drum sander can be tricky as it can leave ridges as well marks if not done correctly. It can be a very dusty process as well.  Areas where moisture is an issue like in the bathroom or in the kitchen, calls for more work in the form of protective and sturdy hardwood finishes. Let’s get started with how to install hardwood floors.

Preparing your flooring for the job

The floor base needs to be levelled, smooth, dry, structurally sound and clean. Once is this state, it is ready to accept the new wood flooring. Treat the manufacturer’s guidelines in the manual as a bible for your flooring. A good practice is to install your flooring in a perpendicular direction of your floor joists. Using asphalt kraft paper is ideal for reducing floor noise.

Cutting and fastening your flooring

You can opt for a circular saw or a power saw (table or any job saw) depending on whether your flooring is crosscut or rip flooring. An excellent tip for fastening the flooring is to use any power nailer which eliminates any damage and is faster.

Blind and face nailing are the two different types of nailing you will deal with while installing your hardwood floors.  In bling nailing you hammer the nail in an angle while in face nailing you should trigger the nail to sink it below the wood surface then covering the hole with some wood putty.

How to install hardwood floors – Laying the Planks and strips

Here make sure to cut the boards in a way that they stagger by a minimum six inches row wise. For that the starter board for every row should differ by a minimum six inches in length. Remember that the first row board’s tongues should face in the opposite direction of the wall. Continue with the installation, dry fit 5 or 6 flooring rows and here play with the pattern and design the look of the floor.If you are using a pneumatic nailer then use masking tape to avoid scratching the surface. This summary will help you get a brief idea of how to install hardwood floors.

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