Five benefits of refinishing your hardwood floors

It’s an established fact that each and every component of a house lends a unique character to the house. Each of the walls, doors, windows, floors and stairs etc. has a great role in creating the overall ambience of your house. It’s to create this magic that you go all-out to choose the right kind of material, design, colour and texture etc. of these components at the time of constructing your house, isn’t it?

With constant usage, it’s but natural that these components start showing signs of wear-and-tear. It’s particularly so, if you’ve chosen hardwood floor for your house. The warmth and grandeur that hardwood floors radiate is something unparalleled. But, it’s also true that they’re that component of a house, which needs regular upkeep. This shouldn’t keep you away from choosing one for your house, though! Giving your hardwood floor a makeover / refinishing once in a while isn’t really a major deal, in terms of money. It’s only a small price you pay, when compared with the elegance and grace refinishing endows your hardwood floors with. The following paragraphs will elaborate on the five benefits that you can derive out of refinishing your old hardwood floors.

1. Hardwood floors last a lifetime

Hardwood floors last a lifetime, if maintained properly. Refinishing and restoration (if and wherever necessary) are the only things required to extend the life of any hardwood floor. On an average, hardwood floors withstand refinishing for about 6-7 times, done once in 15-20 years. This means that they have an approximate lifespan of around 100 years. It’d be extremely heartening to realize that the original hardwood floor will still be a part of your house, years after most other components get their replacements. Durability is one factor that gives hardwood floors a clear thumbs-up over its competitors!

2. Refinishing helps in recovering damages

Wear-and-tear of hardwood floors occur not just due to the constant movement of people and other heavy items on them; but also due to the action of elements: Water (moisture), dust, sunlight and chemicals etc. Refinishing is a wonderful solution to overcome problems caused by these factors. Refinishing helps in removing scratches, stains and minor imperfections in wood as well.

3. Well-kept hardwood floors increase the value of your property

Whether you’re planning to let out your house on rent/lease or sell it in the near future, by getting your hardwood floor refinished, you’re sure to reap rich dividends. Well-kept hardwood floors tremendously enhance the value of your property.

4. Hardwood floors score on the cost-saving front, in the long run

Restoration of hardwood floors costs much less than what it costs to restore stone/marble floor.

5. Refinishing makes hardwood floors look as good as new

Refinishing restores the beauty of hardwood floor to such an extent that the floor acquires an all-new look. You can choose to go in for a new shade as well, when you decide to refinish your hardwood floor.

Refinishing hardwood floors is an easy job. You can in fact, “Do It Yourself”! But, if you aren’t inclined to take it up yourself, there are contractors to whom you can outsource the job. If your hardwood floor has lost its sheen, then it’s time you give it a makeover. Refinish your hardwood floor to simply fall in love with it, all over again!

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