Informative Refinishing Hardwood Floors Guide

Hardwood floors have an elegant look compared to other flooring; also unlike others they lose their charm over time and with use. It would need to be refinished to be restored to its earlier splendor and there are a couple of ways of going about it.

Since it is physically intensive, some of you would like to pass the job and seek the help of experienced contractors who can get it done for you. If you fancy a go at it, this is a pretty straightforward work of getting some equipment and working on it, as detailed by the refinishing hardwood floors guide, all the way to a shiny ‘new’ hardwood floor.


Get to the nearest rental place or hardware store and all the necessary equipment ready for the task at hand. You will need sanders, mouth, ear, and eye protection, a buffer, vacuum cleaner, selected stains, clothes to clean, wipe; and sandpapers of various differing grits. Stretch your budget to accommodate the best stains possible as this will finish quicker and better, will sustain and last longer and require lesser maintenance.

With tools in hand, you can start preparing the room by stuffing clothes as well as plastic on doors, vents and windows as this is a dusty job, which will send thick dust clouds flying all over the house. The refinishing hardwood floors guide points the necessity of going over the hardwood floor thoroughly to find squeaking or loosened boards, cracks, & jutting nails. Fill up the big cracks with putty and hammer the nail heads in place and fix the loosened boards by driving the nails at an angle to firm them up.


Practice a bit on the sanders as they can be intimidating at first, acting as though they have a life of their own. Also, refinishing hardwood floors guide warns that, if the sander stays in a place for long, it will cause a gouge in the floor, requiring further sanding to level the area.

Begin from one corner of the room and walking the drum sander in a straight line and then coming back in the same manner till you finish the entire floor. As it will be difficult to get to the edges of the floor where it meets the walls with a drum sander, you will have to use an edge sander or your hands.

Start with a coarse paper for sanding and the next round should be with a less coarse one and the last one with a smooth buffer for feathering it. After sanding, vacuum the whole room free of dust and debris, taking special care to clear the gaps in the floor and edges where the floor meets the walls and corners. This part of the refinishing hardwood fl1oors guide needs care and patience.


The refinishing hardwood floors guide wants to ensure that you have the room airy and well ventilated as the stains can give out harmful vapors. Test the stain on a separate area before applying on the floor.

Apply a coat from one end of the room evenly and without overlapping and check for the shade. If there are differences in shade, use the stain and a cloth to bring out the perfect match with the rest of the floor. After the first coat dries out, apply another and if necessary go for a third one.

Work with the grain of your wood flooring and do not use any wet cloth to wipe the floor as this can cause the grain to be raised and affect the look adversely. This informative refinishing hardwood floors guide will definitely help you with your every need. Good Luck!

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